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Welcome to DPD!

The DPD Project is a thematic mix-CD project created by music geeks and best friends Chris Diamond, Chris Prokop, and Michael Darpino.

Each CD in the project has a theme that ties the songs on it together. For every theme we each pick five songs that we feel best represent it. The collected fifteen songs are then mixed together in alternating order based on our last names. The songs that end up on DPD are meant to be the very best songs for their particular theme.

We write liner notes for each song to explain why we picked it for that theme. The project has grown into a sort of musical memoir over the years since music has been and still is such a huge part of our lives.

Most Recent Discs:

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DPD: 081


April 18th, 2009

Three of a Perfect Pair

DPD: 080


July 26th, 2008


DPD: 079


May 31st, 2008

Time Piece

DPD: 078


September 28th, 2007

Myths, Gods, and Legends

DPD: 077


July 16th, 2007


Random DPD Pick:

Give My Love To Kevin
by: The Wedding Present
from: George Best

Picked By: prokop
For: DPD: 012 - Broken Heart 5

Nancy, Fall 90

Just coming off a bad summer (see Brassneck), I go back to school. I meet this crazy girl, Nancy, and we start dating within two weeks of school starting. I was in a pretty extreme mood then, dressing only in suits and bad ties, turquoise hair, and I didn't think there would be many people that would really fall for me. Apparantly one less than I thought. We dated for a few months, and I thought the world was going great. We would do all sorts of stuff together, and laughed incessantly. It was the happiest I had been with someone since Jenn (see Romeo). We clicked on more levels that I imagined possible. Then the conversation came. She meet someone at work, and didn't mean to, but the hookup just happened. We'll work it out, honest. I don't really like him that much. A few weeks later they're dating, and I'm getting the boot. I don't know if his name really was Kevin, but through enough drunken listens to this album, I had convinced myself it was. The whole 'George Best' album, and all Wedding Present really, was about all I listened to for at least three months. 'My Favorite Dress', 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?', 'What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?', and the song titles are just the beginning. Few other bands have captured so many aspects of relation ships, (both good and bad) and turned them into songs. Things some people have trouble even expressing, they turn into poetry and set to passionate guitar riffs.

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