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Welcome to DPD!

The DPD Project is a thematic mix-CD project created by music geeks and best friends Chris Diamond, Chris Prokop, and Michael Darpino.

Each CD in the project has a theme that ties the songs on it together. For every theme we each pick five songs that we feel best represent it. The collected fifteen songs are then mixed together in alternating order based on our last names. The songs that end up on DPD are meant to be the very best songs for their particular theme.

We write liner notes for each song to explain why we picked it for that theme. The project has grown into a sort of musical memoir over the years since music has been and still is such a huge part of our lives.

Most Recent Discs:

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Song Usage in Movies and TV

DPD: 081


April 18th, 2009

Three of a Perfect Pair

DPD: 080


July 26th, 2008


DPD: 079


May 31st, 2008

Time Piece

DPD: 078


September 28th, 2007

Myths, Gods, and Legends

DPD: 077


July 16th, 2007


Random DPD Pick:

Theme for a Jackal
by: The Misfits
from: Legacy of Brutality

Picked By: diamond
For: DPD: 037 - My Life in Music (Diamond)

I discovered these guys through my love of Metallica. I bought a magazine that had some interview with James Hetfield and Cliff Burton and they were discussing their influences, and the Misfits were on the list. I'd never heard of them before, I lived in a town with one goddamned street light, so a quest was born. After tracking down Legacy of Brutality, and playing it for the first time, I was in awe. They were the answer to all that was going on in my teenaged head at the time, they were the heroin to a junky who hadn't even shot up yet. They were this excellent mix of punk rock with a heavy dosage of b-rate horror movies to set them apart from everybody else I had heard at the time. Seventeen years later give or take a couple months, I'm still amazed at the lyrics Danzig wrote, total genius.

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