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Welcome to DPD!

The DPD Project is a thematic mix-CD project created by music geeks and best friends Chris Diamond, Chris Prokop, and Michael Darpino.

Each CD in the project has a theme that ties the songs on it together. For every theme we each pick five songs that we feel best represent it. The collected fifteen songs are then mixed together in alternating order based on our last names. The songs that end up on DPD are meant to be the very best songs for their particular theme.

We write liner notes for each song to explain why we picked it for that theme. The project has grown into a sort of musical memoir over the years since music has been and still is such a huge part of our lives.

Most Recent Discs:

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Song Usage in Movies and TV

DPD: 081


April 18th, 2009

Three of a Perfect Pair

DPD: 080


July 26th, 2008


DPD: 079


May 31st, 2008

Time Piece

DPD: 078


September 28th, 2007

Myths, Gods, and Legends

DPD: 077


July 16th, 2007


Random DPD Pick:

Slow Death (live w/ G.P.Orridge)
by: The Leather Nun
from: Slow Death EP

Picked By: darpino
For: DPD: 045 - Fear of a Black Wardrobe: 15 Gothic Favorites

Sorry for the bad vinyl capture but this song doesn't exist on CD. You can only get a copy in a certain New Orleans cemetary, you have to go through a thick blood-drenched door concealed behind a gigantic Black Rose bush. The door leads under a family crypt, you go down crumbling stone stairs lit by flickering blue-flamed torches. You eventually emerge into the bowels of the earth, an ancient chamber with earthen walls, the walls are filled with rotting corpses. You come to another door, this one decorated with ornate iron sculpting of fornicating devils and dancing demons. The door is guarded by a beautiful raven-haired temptress called Shimmer. She will grant you entrance only after you relent and give her a taste of your life's blood which she sucks from the now familiar holes in your neck. Beyond the door you meet Lord Kiafus Lucifarian, one of the oldest Vampyres left. He will give you a copy of "Slow Death" only after accepting your gift of four beautiful albino virgins you have led here. You hand Lord Kiafus the thick velvet rope tied to the virgin's throats and he rewards you with your copy of the precious Leather Nun 7".

Now what do you do?

Nimbly spin in a circle, bow and back out the door? turn to Page 76
Drive a stake through Lord Kiafus' heart, killing the ancient Vampyre lord, thus enabling you to absorb his power and become the Gothfather? turn to Page 19

[Roll Again!]