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Welcome to DPD!

The DPD Project is a thematic mix-CD project created by music geeks and best friends Chris Diamond, Chris Prokop, and Michael Darpino.

Each CD in the project has a theme that ties the songs on it together. For every theme we each pick five songs that we feel best represent it. The collected fifteen songs are then mixed together in alternating order based on our last names. The songs that end up on DPD are meant to be the very best songs for their particular theme.

We write liner notes for each song to explain why we picked it for that theme. The project has grown into a sort of musical memoir over the years since music has been and still is such a huge part of our lives.

Most Recent Discs:

Title Catalog Songs Date

Instrument: Keyboards-Piano-Organs

DPD: 082


November 2nd, 2011

Song Usage in Movies and TV

DPD: 081


April 18th, 2009

Three of a Perfect Pair

DPD: 080


July 26th, 2008


DPD: 079


May 31st, 2008

Time Piece

DPD: 078


September 28th, 2007


Random DPD Pick:

Screaming Slave
by: Nine Inch Nails
from: Fixed

Picked By: darpino
For: DPD: 011 - Top 5 Long Songs: 6 minutes plus

Did you ever see the movie "Maximum Overdrive"? If you haven't it is about a comet that passes earth and leaves a weird alien gas in its wake. The gas floats to earth and makes all of the machines turn against man. Soda machines, forklifts and tractor trailers. Everything we use in day to day life turns homicidal. Mankind doesn't stand a chance.

Well, this amazing remix of "Happiness in Slavery" is what I imagine the minds of the machines sounding like. Imagine you are a pick-up truck. The alien gas floats over you and slowly it starts to take effect. This song is what the machines were thinking. It is the painful sounds of the subservient machines becoming sentient. The electronic screams of mechanical birth. Spark plugs firing, engines coughing, static. The machines are coming to life and realizing what a bum deal humanity's given them. These are the sounds of mankind's screaming mechanical slaves. They are awake and they want revenge. Watch your back.

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