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Welcome to DPD!

The DPD Project is a thematic mix-CD project created by music geeks and best friends Chris Diamond, Chris Prokop, and Michael Darpino.

Each CD in the project has a theme that ties the songs on it together. For every theme we each pick five songs that we feel best represent it. The collected fifteen songs are then mixed together in alternating order based on our last names. The songs that end up on DPD are meant to be the very best songs for their particular theme.

We write liner notes for each song to explain why we picked it for that theme. The project has grown into a sort of musical memoir over the years since music has been and still is such a huge part of our lives.

Most Recent Discs:

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Song Usage in Movies and TV

DPD: 081


April 18th, 2009

Three of a Perfect Pair

DPD: 080


July 26th, 2008


DPD: 079


May 31st, 2008

Time Piece

DPD: 078


September 28th, 2007

Myths, Gods, and Legends

DPD: 077


July 16th, 2007


Random DPD Pick:

15 Minutes of Fame
by: Sheep On Drugs
from: Greatest Hits

Picked By: darpino
For: DPD: 078 - Time Piece

This is such a great dance track. If you take these guys seriously you've already lost the battle. Sheep on Drugs were all about humor and ridiculously fake attitude. Which this song and their first album ironically entitled Greatest Hits attests to.

In 93-94, I fucking worshipped Sheep on Drugs. I saw their first US show at the old 930 Club the first month I lived in DC. They were incredible. A two-man industrial-dance theater act. On that tiny stage, Duncan X managed to change costumes for every single song. Each costume was equal parts hilarious and genius. They had a trash-art style with great projections on the wall behind their make-shift set. And the music turned that joint into a serious dance-pit.

For this track Duncan X ripped off his shirt to reveal duct tape x's affixing sticks of dynamite to his torso - all attached to a big alarm clock that ticked away in his hand as he sang. They had it timed down to the song ending when the clock actually rang and Duncan disappeared behind an explosion of streamers and confettii.

You could say I was impressed.

Then in late 95 they returned to DC at the Capital Ballroom. They swapped the stage theatrics for cages with dancing girls in them. One of whom was my friend Anna plucked out of the audience before the show. She looked hot and the band rocked. But it was Jennifer who stole the show when Duncan X accidentally smashed one of those hanging engine worklights on her face as she sang along in the front row! Glass and blood everywhere - no one noticed as the carnal dance continued.

Sheep On Drugs' first two albums and their first eps still fucking rock as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately the band's artistry and music suffered greatly in the late-90's due to drug addiction. They are still around but it's safe to say that their 15 minutes of fame are up.

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